Our opinion experience of 19 years (1997-2015):


 Vitiligo affects far more emotional profile of patients who have it, in fact because of the disfigurement it causes, it transforms their lives a living helllack of family integration, social, professional and academic.

Despite the effectiveness of our medical treatment, the risk of relapse and / or recurrence remains a major milestone for some of our patients. Attendance in the appointment of medical supervision, adherence and compliance with prevention tips mentioned earlier may help to reduce it significantly.

Patients and especially those around them are frightenedis it contagious?!, we must reassure them that this is not true.

"Doctor, I hope that the spots are stable and do not get worse," said many patients who come to


*Aromatic plants: designate a group of plants used in cooking and medicine for the flavorsand they release their essential oils that can be extracted eg : lavender,  parsley, thyme, etc...
*Essences: localized products in the gall aromatic plants obtained by:
 a/ incision: the trunk of the tree or plant is injured, the secretion is collected and then distilled.

  b/ simple expression of the plant: the zest of citrus fruit are crushed and gratedthe juice is collected colorful

*Essential oils (HE): is an extract obtained by distillation with water or water vapor from whole plants or parts of aromatic plants, and consist almost exclusively of molecules oilyvolatile and odorousThe HE is the distilled essenceIt is fat solublemeaning it mixes with fat and alcohol.

*Vegetable oil (HV): were obtained from a cold pressed plantoléagineuses.Its are ideal for dilute HE they complement the action by creating effective synergies.

Note: For the treatment of vitiligo, we use only the essences and essential oils photosensitizingThese products are used for topical and always in combination with vegetable oils.


  • Essences: lavender, jasmine.
  • Essential oils: lemongrass, bergamot, piperine, wing.
  • Vegetable oils: wheat germ, sweet almond, olive, sesame, argan, carrot, corn,apricots.
  • Topical corticosteroids: dermovaldermocortlocapredlocatop (creams).
  • Aloe Vera  gel 100% pure.
  • Powerful antioxidants: vegetable,virgin and pure oils certified BIO.


Two current types: 
  1. Mixing topical solution form: HE (s) + essences + vegetable oils used during the day with or without exposure to sun light or lamp UVA.The mixture should never be cleaned before 5 to 6heures after application.The use of sunscreen cream is required outside the period of sun exposure curative.
  2. Mixture in the form of topical cream  used at nightTopical corticosteroid aloe vera (gel purified to 99.9%) + essences + HE (s) +HV (s); cleaned the next day.

At first, it was well thought out to solve the persistent problem of relapse and recurrence.Wfirst insisted on respect for anticipatory guidance and application to the rule of the treatments already mentioned and recently we discovered a blend of vegetable oils 100% naturels , pure drinkable, virgin and  certified BIO involved in the curative treatment of vitiligo as well as in the preventing relapses and recurrences ( object:to minimize the spread of the disease and facilitate the path of healing).

are evaluated from a retrospective study of 1010cas (see section "Statistics").