See the statistical results of our retrospective study of 1010 cases of vitiligo in the section"Statistics".


  Our study is different from the literature due to a number of patients significantly higher (1010cas) compared to other studies, which allowed us to have relatively more significant statistical result therefore more accurate.

*Benefits of our conduct therapeutic:

        1-capital importance of general corticosteroids in limiting the spread of vitiligo lesions(relapse, recurrence, appearance of new lesions), which allows us to treat the autoimmune hypothesis more tangible.The coexistance of vitiligo with others autoimmune diseases (Hashimoto's thyroiditis; Biermer's anémia, diabetes type1....etc.) makes this assumption more advanced.

       2-capital importance of local therapy (association: Essential oils + Vegetable oils + antioxidant + local corticosteroidswith some efficiency record time (onset stigmas of healing just few days after thestart of medical treatment).

*The negative result may be caused by:

1- Non-assiduity at appointments for medical examination;

2- Non-application of anticipatory guidance;

3- Non-application to the rule of curative treatment.