The main goal of our site is to try to unlock the secrets of this disease whose etiopathogenesis remains largery mysterious.
Our experience of 19
 years has allowed us to disclose several characteristics clinical, epidemiological, evolutionary and therapeutic of  vitiligo.
The major problem faced during follow-up of some patients with vitiligo is the concept of relapse (reapearance of lesions during the course of treatment) and / or recurrence (reapearance of lesions already healed after some time off for medical treatment) and that the appearance of new lesions. Another objective would be to study well and try to overcome this major milestone.

Attendance in the appointment of medical control, adherence to treatment and the application to the rule of anticipatory guidance can afford us to have one hand a total improvement of the lesions and also a significant reduction of frequency of relapse and/or of recurrence. 

 Spontaneous stabilisation or after medical treatment of vitiligo lesions represents a good prognosis especially if they are limited in number and / or in surface.